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Welcome to Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Sandy.


It wasn’t long into my first 500-hour advanced yoga teacher training that I realized I wanted to be a teacher of teachers. I can still see myself seated in front of my teacher, at the time, hearing him talk of his experience that lead him to lead teacher training. As he poured into me throughout that experiences, I knew that day that I wanted to pour into and inspire others to pursue this pathway; a pathway that is filled with rewarding, life-changing experiences that touch and connect to the deep spaces of who we really are.


I have spent many years designing and refining a training program that provides a strong foundation upon which a lasting career can be built as a yoga teacher. Service and connection are the foundations my training is built upon. Upon this foundation is a solid framework taught using a specific formula to design and sequence your yoga classes to inspire students and support growth within your student’s individual and unique practice. Anatomy and alignment principles, yoga philosophy, and how it all applies to life is a common thread woven through the experience of teacher training. I challenge trainees to personally establish discipline and application of content within the training (and beyond) to support them in their learning process and establish a space of “knowing”. This known space provides effectiveness and authenticity for a teacher. It is the space to genuinely teach from that creates a trusted partnership between the teacher and student.


It is my desire that trainees leave my training well-equipped to meet their students where they are and become a teacher that inspires transformation and success for all students. My teacher training program is an invitation for each trainee to commit themselves fully to the hard work that they will be asking their students to explore. Not only will you leave the training well equipped to teach others but you will leave having taken a journey that will lead you down a continued pathway of service and connection. It is truly a worthy endeavor. I hope you will join me on this journey of a lifetime!


“When I walked into Sandy’s very first 200 hour yoga teacher training, I had never even met her and was fairly new to my yoga practice. I sure am glad I took the chance! Sandy is an amazing teacher, using her own vast knowledge and experience to teach students the techniques necessary to be an effective yoga teacher. Fortunately for me, I was also able to be part of her first 300 hour class, growing with her guidance into a more well-rounded teacher. Sandy is not only knowledgeable, well-educated in yoga and an outstanding teacher, but is equally compassionate and a true joy to be around and learn from. Any student can certainly benefit from studying under Sandy in any of her trainings”


- Alia King, 200/300 YTT Graduate


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12 weekend sessions designed for individuals seeking an expanded study of yoga. Combined with a 200 hour certification (any style yoga) to provide a 500 hour certification recognized by Yoga Alliance. This program is crafted of modern, complimentary topics blending the application of western anatomy and physiology with traditional yoga philosophy and teachings.

Program variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Foundations of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) & Yoga

  • Myofascial Release Techniques & Yoga

  • Expanded Yoga Anatomy Focus: Shoulders

  • Expanded Yoga Anatomy Focus: Pelvis & Hips

  • Expanded Yoga Anatomy Focus: Spine

  • Restorative Yoga & the Nervous System

  • Guide to Therapeutic Yoga

  • Yoga for Athletes

  • Expanded Meditation & Pranayama Techniques and study

  • The Chakras & Subtle Energy study

  • Mental Health & Yoga

  •  Yin Yoga

  • 30 hour Case Study Requirement for Completion


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