Teacher Development 
Customized Program

The Beyond Y.T.T. (Yoga Teacher Training) Teacher Development Program is a customized program working one-on-one with Sandy to define, refine and develop within your skillset and mindset as a yoga teacher.



WHO is this program for?

This program is designed for individuals who have completed a 200-hour Y.T.T. program and are either new to teaching yoga and/or seeking to expand their studies and development as a yoga teacher. This program is also for those seeking to spark or rekindle their passion to teach with a strong desire and commitment to continue along this path of service.


WHAT type of experience should you expect?

With almost two decades of teaching experience, Sandy will mentor you by providing support from her applicable knowledge, experience, and expertise that will challenge you to develop and grow as a yoga teacher.

  • Sandy will help you define and refine your teaching goals by providing specific techniques and tools that will support your development with confidence in leading others through the yoga practice.

  • Understand better your role and presence as a teacher.

  • Explore the development of a vocabulary of the language that leads others effectively and skillfully.

  • Understand how to connect and see your students while providing a safe, learning space of growth with a variety of options for alignment, anatomy, and "success" within their practice experience with you as a teacher. 


Are you ready to go BEYOND?

Refinement and growth are key components for creating a sustainable, fulfilling career along the pathway as a yoga teacher. As teachers, we must continually educate ourselves, apply the knowledge we acquire, and implement an ongoing pursuit of self-study and continual learning as a student. The B.Y.T.T. Development Program will provide a space of curiosity for continued learning through the detailed application of a variety of techniques Sandy will provide for you to incorporate into your teaching right away.



  • Schedule a 45-min Introducatury Consultation Session with Sandy (ONLY $45)

  • Choose a Development Package (3) or (6) one-on-one sessions 

  • Schedule your sessions. Complete sessions with the opportunity to receive CEU credit for hours completed. 

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Are you ready to go BEYOND?
BEYOND what you learned in yoga teacher training?

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