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Work with me

Do you desire to create and experience success as a yoga teacher? 


 Well, it begins with a plan!

I can 100% help you create a teaching plan that sets you up for success in teaching yoga. Schedule a strategy session and I'll help you get organized and clear on your teaching path. 

Click below to schedule a 60-minute

customized strategy session with Sandy!


The Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program is:

  • Built around monthly customized 1:1 mentoring sessions with Sandy

  • Sessions are uniquely designed to evaluate, discuss and develop a growth strategy for your specific teaching goals.


Mentorship clients will receive:

  • Specialized attention, guidance, and resources to support their development of confidence and leadership in their community serving as agents of change sharing and teaching the practice of yoga.

  • Session take-a-way notes, resources, and application exercises after each session. 

From two decades of experience with a thriving teaching career, Sandy is equipped and ready to work closely with you to define your unique teaching path and development as a yoga teacher.


The B.Y.T.T. Mentorship Program provides the accountability that will set you up to meet your desired goals so that you can step into the expanded version of yourself as a yoga teacher. 

You know you're ready for the


You desire to get clear on your role as a teacher and how to develop a thriving teaching career. 


You are willing to examine your current approach to teaching, challenge yourself to evaluate, receive and apply feedback in order to up-level your teaching skillset. 


You seek proven strategies, teaching methods and approaches that will enhance and impact your ability to teach highly-effective and skillful yoga class experiences. 


You are ready to step into a more powerful role of leadership in your community sharing and educating other within the practice of yoga.


You desire accountability and resources that support your ability to attain your goals and expanded growth as a yoga teacher.  



Austeen H. - MI

Mentorship Client, 12-session program

 "My work with Sandy has "leveled" me and my yoga studio way up! When I first began the Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program, I knew I needed someone that could support me in my new Yoga School but I didn't know how much I needed Sandy in all aspects of my life. My entire mindset around being a leader, growing my team, and practicing my yoga has all shifted into beautiful spaces..."

Ready to work with me?

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