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hey yoga teacher!

Ever wonder why students come back
to yoga classes?

No more clunky cues!
It's time to take the

out of cueing with
The KEY Cueing™ Course

for a limited time

The KEY Cueing™ Course

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Increase your confidence
in cueing today!

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What about a catalog of cues at your fingertips that you can quickly use to build your class sequences upon?

The Key Cueing Catalog has over 60+ cues within a variety of yoga pose examples that reflect how you can infuse the KEY Cueing™ Essentials into the classes you teach right away!

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Hi, I'm Sandy Raper!

I am a yoga teacher and mentor, as well as, an entrepreneur, podcast host and author. I have supported a thriving career teaching yoga for over two decades. I am passionate about equipping yoga teachers with highly-effective tools while also mentoring teachers from around the globe to develop their own successful teaching careers.


I created the Key Cueing™ Course because half of the yoga teachers I mentor express to me that confidence in cueing is an obstacle...

and this just doesn't have to be the case! 

The proven principles, methods, and approaches 

that I teach you in this course will:

🗝 Equip you with the tools you need to read yoga poses the same way every time.

Inject confidence into your communication skills.

🗝 Up-level your ability to facilitate and meet the needs

of the students in your classes.

🗝 Teach you exactly what to say, and when to say it as you lead highly-effective and impactful class experiences.

How do I know they're proven?

...Because I have experienced first-hand success implementing them and I am confident that you will find the same success!

Ready to grab this special offer?

Inject confidence in your
cueing today!

how it would feel …

just imagine

Going into every class you teach confident and assured with a catalog of cues that will support the needs of your students.


Trusting that the language and cues you use will direct and lead students through a successful and impactful class experience.

IMG_3219 (1).jpg

Those may seem like just possibilities, but this can be your reality!

You just need the right tools and strategies...

Get started today!

Now only $47!

($149 value)

So what's inside of the KEY Cueing™ Course:

Lesson One: How to lay a firm foundation for highly-effective cueing using my 5-Step Communication Framework - this alone is going to up-level the class experiences you lead! Most importantly, you don't have to wonder what to say and how to say it because I'm going to teach you all of that!

Lesson Two: How to unlock the cueing essentials and quickly begin implementing the proven method and approach that lessens doubt and infuses assurance and confidence in the language you're using to lead yoga classes.

Lesson Three: How to develop and integrate a priority of action strategy when it comes to knowing what cues to use and when to use them. This strategy sets you up for great success as you begin to cue poses the same way, every time!

Lesson Four: How to use two key approaches towards organizing and arranging cues that support and meet the needs of a variety of students while empowering them individually to create autonomy in their practice experience.

Lesson Five: How to develop a refinement strategy implementing and using the recall method to maximize the application and absorption of the key cueing essentials. 

 Who is the KEY Cueing™ Course for:

 The KEY Cueing™ Course is designed for every yoga teacher.

 Yes! Every yoga teacher, regardless of how much or how

little teaching experience you have.

New Yoga Teacher

Knowing what to say, why to say it and when is vital as you begin teaching. The KEY Cueing™ Course is going to become a valuable resource and reference tool for you in the development of your teaching skillset!

Seasoned Yoga Teacher

What we say matters and ongoing refinement in cueing is a necessity if you desire to create longevity teaching yoga. The KEY Cueing™ Course is a valuable addition to the resources in your teaching toolbox!

What's Inside:

Key CUEING Framework...

...lessons to unlock the mystery  of cueing in 5 days ...

The Centerpiece 

…my proprietary tool for reading and cueing yoga poses the same way, every time you teach.

3-P Mocup.png

Pose Principles... proprietary 

approach for using cues to meet student needs ...

Checklist mockup.png


...refinement tool for gleaning and cleaning up your language and evaluating cues.

Recall & Refinement 

...maximize application & absorption unlocking the key essentials of cueing.

10 Keys
for Essential Cueing the end of this course you will

unlock the mystery 

of essential cueing.

© 2023 Sandy Raper Yoga

KEY Cueing Course FAQ's

Q: What if I have just started teaching ... is this course right for me?

A: YES! This course is for new and seasoned yoga teachers - essentially, the KEY Cueing Course will become a valuable resource in your teaching toolbox regardless of how little or how much teaching experience you have.

Q: How long will this course take to complete?

A:  The course is self-paced and you can easily complete the course in 5 days or less. The course consists of 5 pre-recorded lessons and application exercises that will support you in implementing the 10 Key Cueing Essentials right away ...and as soon as the next class you teach!

Q: What if I don't have a lot of time to complete the course? and how is the course organized?

A:  The KEY Cueing Course is a self-paced course that is organized into 5 pre-recorded lessons with application and refinement exercises included so that you can absorb and apply the content at the pace. You can quickly complete the course in as little as 5 days or take as long as you need to complete because you will have lifetime access.

Q: What is included in the course?

A:  The course is broken down into 5 pre-recorded video lessons, a downloadable workbook and presented with informational slides to create ease in note-taking and absorption of all that I will be sharing and teaching you. You will also have access to the KEY Cueing Course Group where you can ask questions and receive additional support within the course.

Q: Can I receive CEU hours for completing this course?

A:  Yes! A certificate will be issued upon the completion of the course. You then have the opportunity to submit the certificate for 3 non-contact continuing education credit hours with Yoga Alliance in the United States. If you live outside the US, please ask your equivalent organization to confirm acceptance of digital training as non-contact hours.

Q: How long will I have access to the KEY CueingTM course?

A:  Lifetime access!

 Invest in The Key Cueing™ Course today!​

how to get started

  1. Register for the course today ... click here

  2. Check your inbox for the login information so you can get started right away!

  3. Follow the Key Cueing™ Framework of lessons and start integrating the 10 KEY Cueing™ Essentials right away into your classes.

  4. Unlock and implement cueing essentials right away using the easy-to-use application and refinement strategies found in the course.

Grab this special offer today!

Now only $47!

($149 value)

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