Beyond Y.T.T. Growth Group

The Beyond Y.T.T. (Yoga Teacher Training) Growth Group is a monthly membership-based group designed and tailored within a collective setting to inspire ongoing development, growth, and refinement as a yoga teacher. This group will provide an ongoing space to explore topics that support relevance for this growth and refinement through conversation, lecture, and application on educational topics supporting the required skill set needed for being an effective yoga teacher. Being a student of the practice and a teacher of the practice requires different skillsets. Within the B.Y.T.T. Growth Group, you will explore the qualities, attributes, and skillsets needed to create sustainability and longevity within this pathway of service as a yoga teacher. 


WHO is this group for?

This program is designed for those who have completed a 200 hour Y.T.T. program and are either new to teaching yoga seeking to expand their studies and development as a yoga teacher. This group is also for those seeking to spark or rekindle their passion to teach with a strong desire and commitment to continue along this path of service.

WHY would you want to participate?

Refinement and growth are key components for creating a sustainable, fulfilling career as a yoga teacher. As teachers, we must continually educate ourselves, apply the knowledge we acquire, and implement an ongoing pursuit of self-study (one of the niyamas we practice). The B.Y.T.T. Growth Group will provide a space of curiosity for learning through connection and growth alongside other yoga teachers, building community, and accountability to continue along the pathway of teaching the practice of yoga.


WHAT type of experience should you expect?

With almost two decades of teaching experience, Sandy will guide, support, and monitor the group to maintain a collective space for growth and expansion within the development of skills and mindsets that support the cultivation and sustainability of work in service as a yoga teacher in the community.  




Monthly membership includes: ​

  • Two monthly 60 min LIVE Development Sessions with Sandy  

  • One 30 min one-on-one Development Session with Sandy 

  • All-access to the private Facebook B.Y.T.T. Growth Group page where you will continue to learn, develop, and grow as a yoga teacher through the support of valuable resources shared.

  • YA/CEUs option for completion of hours attended monthly 

More details coming soon!


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