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  The Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Podcast is a resource to empower, educate, and inspire aspiring, new, and seasoned yoga teachers. Join the global listening community devoted to growing and refining anatomical knowledge, skillful sequencing, and developing as leaders while building community as yoga teachers.


Sandy’s BYTT Podcast, Every Episode is Relevant!

"I just happened upon Sandy’s Podcast as a recommendation from Spotify. I have been listening to her podcast every day since Monday (November 7, 2022), and I’ve been listening to 1-3 episodes a day. Listening to the Podcast, I felt like Sandy was mind streaming all my thoughts and writing episodes on those thoughts. Sandy discusses meaningful topics that deliver insights and intentions about yoga. On Monday I started with Sandy’s more current episodes, so today (November 10), I started listening to the older ones. I got through 2, 3 and 4 while cleaning my house, and I learned so much. Sandy has valuable resources for all yoga enthusiasts, you will be happy that you listened." - teechadeb


A great listen for teachers and practitioners!

I love Sandy’s perspective. Her words are guided by her experience as a yoga teacher, not her ego. That’s what makes this podcast so easy to listen to. I’m given so many tools to better myself, without the shame that can be so present in the yoga studio community.


The guests that she brings on creates conversations that ground and humble one’s perspective of western yoga culture. Every episode makes me better. - BrownandBendy


A grounding & insightful resource for yoga teachers!

Sandy’s BYTT Podcast will help ground and steer you to hone in on your best qualities as a yoga teacher. Through her podcast Sandy’s insightful experiences spanning two decades of teaching combined with her natural ability and joyful personality to lead others in meaningful conversations. She introduces and explores topics that yoga teachers new and seasoned should be paying attention to, in order to enjoy an sustainable career and teach to the students they can best serve. I am an avid weekly listener and especially enjoy Sandy’s constant enlightening thoughts and encouragement to keep the emphasis on the teachings and to do the inner work for/and on ourselves in order grow or in Sandy’s own words, to EXPAND BEYOND! All episodes are valuable - begin from episode 1 but also go back an re-listen to the topics that resonate most because you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Sandy for sharing your gift and experiences! -  Joy Zazzera


 Encouraging and inspiring!

As a new yoga teacher, this podcast has encouraged me to stay the course and keep learning and growing in my own personal practice which will in turn give me confidence as a teacher. I love the concept that we are a vessel for yoga instead of it being a performance or about me at all. Sandy has much wisdom and insight to impart. Thank you for sharing with us! - Kimberlypt


Exceptional Host and Content, Highly Recommend

As a yoga scholar, yoga practitioner for over 42 years, and certified yoga teacher I recommend this podcast to every friend, student, and fellow yoga teacher because I love the mission and ethos. The podcast feels like coming home; it’s supportive and an exceptional resource for yoga teachers to develop and/or refine themselves and their offerings to the world.

- Stephanieyogini



Episode 63… feeling the “real yoga” sting with you. We are all a community working with others to help bring relaxation and exploration of movement through mind, body, and spirit. I would agree it was said due to feeling threatened which is sad because there is so much yoga for everyone. I also agree it is best to keep space in what I like to call your “anger flask” so that you are an “actor” and not a “reactor”. Thank you for this Sandy! - Tenaj69


Amazing Content

An amazing resource for yoga teachers!

- yogayoga


I just 💙 yoga

I’m not a yoga teacher but find this podcast very helpful for my yoga practice and just good life tips in general. Plus Sandy’s voice is just so relaxing. - Lesdogg

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