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The Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program is for new and seasoned yoga teachers designed within customized 1:1 sessions with Sandy. Sessions are created to specifically to evaluate where you are in your teaching career and support you in reaching the desired growth you seek as an effective and skillful yoga teacher.


Within these customized mentoring sessions, Sandy will advise, equip and challenge you with resources and growth strategies for your development of a solid skillset, teaching methodology, and presence as an impactful leader and teacher within your community sharing and teaching the practice of yoga. 

The B.Y.T.T. Mentorship Program builds upon the foundation of knowledge that you already possess while challenging you to evaluate and create depth in your understanding of your role as teacher while simplifying and developing a clear growth strategy for organizing and applying the knowledge you wish to share and teach.

The B.Y.T.T. Mentorship Program will set you up for success on your teaching pathway providing you with support, tools, and accountability as you develop and grow as a yoga teacher.



  • Is clear about who you are as a teacher, your role and confident in the foundation of your teaching skillset and methodology.

  • Is focused and intentional on serving and connecting more deeply as an impactful leader within your community sharing and teaching the practice of yoga. 

  • Is dedicated to creating longevity within your career as a yoga teacher and willing to evaluate, receive and apply feedback in order to expand into an influential yoga teacher. 



Cultivate a growth mindset that is willing to explore, acknowledge and apply feedback to up-level your teaching approach.

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Driven with the willingness to evaluate where you are and then take the necessary action steps to achieve the desire results you seek as a yoga teacher.



Apply the knowledge required to create range and depth in your teaching pursuits and support the development of a thriving career teaching yoga.



Whether you have just graduated from yoga teacher training or you have been teaching for many years, the process is the same.

The process is about:

  • Getting clear on your understanding of your role as a yoga teacher.

  • Exploring in-depth why you teach and what motivates you to continue teaching.

  • Implementing the tools and knowledge required to take action from your aligned intentions.

Within the B.Y.T.T. Mentorship Program, you'll explore:

  • An expanded growth strategy of development as a yoga teacher.

  • Challenging your teaching methodology to support longevity as a teacher. 

  • Solidifying your teaching foundation so that you can be confident and assured that the teaching career you desire will withstand and support future growth.

  • The discovery of new opportunities that support financial growth and revenue to build a solid business as a yoga teacher. 

BYTT Testmonial
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Yely Staley.yogayely.jpg

 Yely Rivas-Staley - Mentorship Client 

 "As a solo-yogi-preneur, it has been such a pleasure to work with Sandy. As a result of her guidance, I have made critical decisions for the foundations of my business online that are enabling me to sustainably grow. It is a delight to work with her as she is compassionate, very knowledgeable in the yoga business, and easy to work with. I truly enjoy having her as my yoga business mentor. I learn from her experiences and get clear guidance when I feel overwhelmed. Investing in this kind of mentorship has been the best decision I've made for my business. Infinite gratitude Sandy!"

Joy Zazzera.jpeg

Joy Zezzara - Mentorship Client , 12-Session Program

 "Working with Sandy over the course of 12 sessions was a worthy investment for the return she provided me throughout our time together. Sandy’s methods were quite clear for hearing, discerning, evaluating, nudging and accounting me in the direction of my yoga teaching and business-growth goals - exactly what I was looking for as I transition my yoga business to include massage therapy.

Sandy’s authentic presence throughout all of our conversations equip me with precise language, practices, examples and specific people to look toward that I can now draw upon when I encounter roadblocks. Under Sandy’s guidance, my website's purpose, content and marketing language came into clearer view, giving me a solid framework to keep things simple. Granting me permission to engage with the faithful students I already have and step outside of the comparison trap regarding other local yoga studios was the nudge I needed to stress less about others, and emphasize the unique solutions-focused methods I already bring to the table as a wellness professional.

The mentoring sessions were a guide-post propelling me through some turbulent and changing times and bringing to light my capacity to endure, to feel settled and calm, and to do the work I know I was called to do. Thank you Sandy!"

Dominique Davis.JPG

Dominique Davis - Mentorship Client 

 "I expected to be fully prepared to teach once my yoga teacher training was completed. When I finally held my certificate in my hands, I realized that one journey was ending and another was beginning. 200 hours can only prepare you so much, but the real lessons come from experience.

Sandy Raper came into my life when I was seeking guidance. Overwhelmed with the unlimited possibilities of being a yoga teacher, I craved refinement in my skill. Sandy was a lighthouse in a sea ego, confusion and pride all apparent in westernized yoga culture. At the beginning of my teaching journey, Sandy grounded me in tradition. I attribute the clarity in my own teaching philosophy to the first conversations I experienced as her mentee.

Sandy Raper is a yoga mentor with integrity. She is not afraid of hard conversations and she will challenge you. Sandy has taught me the real value of living and teaching with intention. Her lessons seamlessly translate from the mat into everyday life. This mentorship has been rewarding in so many ways and on so many levels. I highly recommend Sandy Raper to any teacher who is looking to be better for themselves, their students, and their community."


Austeen Heeney - Mentorship Client , 12-Session Program

 "My work with Sandy has "leveled" me and my yoga studio way up! When I first began the Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program, I knew I needed someone that could support me in my new Yoga School but I didn't know how much I needed Sandy in all aspects of my life.


My entire mindset around being a leader, growing my team, and practicing my yoga has all shifted into beautiful spaces. I am now confident in my decisions that surround the business and I have the courage to do what's best for the future of myself and the studio.


Sandy provided a space that was very intentional and gave me many thoughts to ponder and digest. I feel as if I have emerged as a new person!"



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