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Hybrid 300-Hour ADVANCED Yoga Teacher Training:

(JANUARY 2025 - 2026)


Strive for Excellence,
Strive for Mastery,
Strive to Make a Bigger IMPACT!

300 hours of comprehensive study combined within a layered learning format that blends in-person and virtual learning components to maximize retention, absorption, and application.


what you can expect from this training:

Embark with Sandy in 2025 to enhance your anatomical and movement knowledge as you delve into specialized orthopedic and therapeutic techniques, explore the 'anatomy of teaching,' and hone your functional and relational skills.

  • (7) In-person Weekend Experiential Learning and Application Sessions

  • (3) Virtual/Online Self-Paced Study Sessions

  • Independent SEVA Service Teaching Case Study and Presentation

  • Monthly Group Check-in and Networking Meetings

Welcome to an advanced program of study, where yoga teachers are empowered and equipped with a curriculum designed to elevate their practice, teaching, and leadership development skills. Our program is tailored to take teaching to the next level, cultivating powerful leaders within the yoga community. Join Sandy on a journey of growth, evolution, and profound impact.


  • Self-Paced Online Format: 

    • The online portion of the training program is designed to provide flexibility for participants to study, apply, and enhance their understanding of the topic at their own pace and according to their individual learning styles. Consisting of (4) specialized core study modules, this component allows convenient access to course materials and interactive learning opportunities, enabling participants to engage with the content remotely.

  • In-person Training Sessions Include:

    • The in-person training sessions offer immersive learning experiences where participants engage with the specified topic through hands-on practice, lectures, group discussions, and interactive applications. These sessions are scheduled over a weekend, allowing for comprehensive exploration and absorption of the specific topic.


Soul Wellness 

(Merino Mills Complex)

500 S. Main St., Ste. 113

Mooresville, NC 28115

Training Days/Hours:

Saturday & Sunday 8:00-5:00 pm


Studying under Sandy Raper completely changed the trajectory of my path as a yoga teacher. The funny thing is, for someone to have such a huge impact on my life, it’s hard to believe I went into my 300-hour teacher training blindly, without ever meeting Sandy, but I valued all the high recommendations she’d been given by teachers I trusted. Sandy’s depth of knowledge from her years in a studio setting, working 1:1 with clients, and studying under Rolf Gates and Tiffany Cruikshank with Yoga Medicine, all merge into a powerful training experience. Her delivery is crisp and well-organized, leaving you full after each session, yet wanting more!


I still hear her in my teachings (in every class!), and what I value most is her emphasis on stability. Not only did this change the way I taught, it changed the way I practiced. That changed my life, and I feel it has greatly impacted my students. I can’t recommend Sandy enough to anyone looking to advance their yoga training. She is brilliant!

- Heather Rushing E-RYT 500, Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist 



The Advanced 300-Hour Training

Core Principles:


  • Therapeutic and Orthopedic Application: Fine-tune and Sharpen Anatomical Language and Integration

  • Anatomy of Teaching: Enhanced Teaching Skillset and Leadership Development

  • Integration and Application: Functional and Somatic Lens


  • The 300-Hour Advanced Training Program:

    • 10 training sessions: 7 in-person sessions and 3 virtual/online sessions.

    • The 10 sessions within 4 modules of study are broken up by specialized teaching emphasis.

    • 4 Teaching Modules include:

(1) Orthopedic and Therapeutic Application

(2) Anatomy of Teaching/Part 1

(3) Anatomy of Teaching/Part 2

(4) Integration and Application


*See the module and session breakdown below.

*Dates have been scheduled. Contact Sandy before the start of the training should you have any known scheduling conflicts for attending the in-person training sessions so that arrangements and plans can be made to make up missed training hours. 


  • Module #1: Orthopedic & Therapeutic Application

    • Session 1: January 18-19, 2025: Ortho: Spine​

    • Session 2: February 15-16, 2025: Ortho: Hips

    • Session 3: March 15-16, 2025: Ortho: Shoulders



  • Module #2: Anatomy of Teaching/ Part 1

    • Session 4: May 24-25, 2025: Somatic Sequencing & Functional Movement/Resilience & Trauma-informed Teaching Skills​

    • Session 5: June 21-22, 2025 Myofascial Release

    • Session 6: VIRTUAL Expanded Meditation & Pranayama - independent study/application/within the online course platform (self-paced) to be completed by the end of the program


  • Module #3: Anatomy of Teaching/ Part 2

    • Session 7: August 16-17, 2025: Women's Health/TCM​

    • Session 8: September 20-21: Restorative Yoga Reset/Nervous System

    • Session 9: VIRTUAL Leadership Planning & Development


  • Module #4: Integration and Application

    • Session #10: January 2026: VIRTUAL: Conversations & Connections/Planning & Preparation ​

      • Case study presentations (virtual)​

      • Conversation & Connection Teacher Conference (virtual)

      • In-Person & Virtual Completion Celebrations TBA



  • Comprehensive digital manual

  • Online Training Portal for access and reference to lectures, application exercises, worksheets, and training aids.

  • Monthly Virtual Group Check-in/Teacher Networking
  • 1:1 Mentoring Session(s) with Sandy



One of my first encounters with yoga was with Sandy. I love her teaching style, character, and how she connects with her students. Sandy has been a mentor of mine for a long time and has become a good friend. Having already completed my RYT-200 certification, it made sense to train with her for my 300-hour teacher certification. I found her 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training course to be invaluable. Each class was conducted in a private, professional space conducive to learning. Printed materials, along with instructor-led practice, lectures, and small group sessions, provided a well-rounded education. After completing Sandy's 300-hour training, I was qualified to obtain my RYT-500 certification through Yoga Alliance. I highly recommend Sandy's 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

- Andrea Deese, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Sandy’s 300-YTT was amazing! I loved the way each module was done throughout a long weekend. That format allowed me to dive deep into each learning module, being fully immersed in both its philosophy and practical application. Sandy has an amazing way of presenting topics to make each fun and easy to grasp and also invites conversation and differing opinions. I completed each weekend with so much to offer my students! The entire experience was amazing and I look forward to continuing my yoga training with Sandy, hopefully through CE in the future!

- Alia King, 200 & 300-hour YTT graduate

I enrolled in the 300 hr. YTT to further my teaching skills and build on the foundation from my 200 hr. YTT. Sandy’s YTT trainings have a thoroughly planned curriculum, and the delivery of the lectures, and our manuals with attention to detail. Her training provided me with the skills and knowledge I needed to teach with confidence and professionally.

- Anne Austin, 200- and 300-YTT graduate


Option 1: PAID IN FULL  |  $4,000

$400 deposit due at registration

*The remaining balance is due by October 1, 2024

 *Deposit is non-refundable.

Option 2: PAYMENT PLAN  |  $4,250

$400 deposit due at registration

*(10) monthly payments of $385 - beginning Jan 1, 2025

 *Deposit is non-refundablle.

*Space will be limited. Full online/virtual option is available. Email for details:

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