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Hybrid 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

In-person Session Begins August 17-18th

Registration Closes August 1st

Knowledge, Structure, and Teaching Practicum Support For Effectively Teaching Yoga

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An innovative approach to training yoga teachers within a layered learning format combining self-paced online study with in-person experiential application sessions.

what you can expect from this training:

  • 64 in-person hours of instruction, practice teaching, and experiential learning.

  • Over 100+ hours of online instruction of lecture, application and home practice, and learning exercises.

  • 36 hour Seva Service Case Study Project.

  • Monthly virtual group check-in meetings with Sandy

  • A comprehensive training experience that equips you with confidence and assurance to lead and serve your community teaching yoga. 

From start to finish Sandy's YTT is organized and intentional. She incorporates readings, lectures, anatomy and lots of opportunities for students to practice in a supportive environment. The training fully prepares students to begin teaching with knowledge and confidence immediately after graduation.

- Stephanie Frantz, 200 YTT GRAD



  • Self-Paced Online Format: 
    The online portion of the training program is structured so that you can deepen your study of yoga and develop as a teacher at a pace that meets your schedule and learning style. The online program is formatted within 7 weeks' worth of lessons dripped out every other week to support you in a layered learning approach with time to implement and apply all that is being shared.

  • In-person Training Sessions Include:

    • The “Anatomy of Teaching”:

      • Sequencing: The Elements™  Model: Learn the methodology that equips you with the ability to adapt, adjust, and meet the needs of various students. 

      • Cueing: Develop effective communication skills to know what to say, when to say it, and how to lead impactful class experiences.

      • Therapeutic Action and Alignment Principles of Skilled Action

      • Teaching Methodology: Energetic Alignment, Principles of Movement, Posture Breakdown and Analysis 

      • Experiential learning and application through practice teaching 

(4) In-person “Anatomy of Teaching” sessions:



The program focuses on these core principles of study:


  • Anatomy of Teaching: Skilled Sequencing, Effective Cueing, Therapeutic Throughline for Success


  • Action, Alignment, and Communication in the Role of a Yoga Teacher: Leadership Development

  • Structure & Spontaneity of Functional Movement: See Students and Meet the Needs of the Class Setting


  • Mastery of the basic techniques of Asana, Meditation,  and Pranayama

  • The Elements™ Sequencing Model

  • The 3-P Pose Principles of Language and Cueing

  • Therapeutic Action & Alignment Principles

  • Transitions, Tempo, and Trust

  • Energetic Alignment

  • Developing Effective Communication Skills

  • Direction and clarity in the role of the yoga teacher

  • Adaptation and modifications 

  • The Complementary Study of Yin Yoga 

  • Developing movement literacy through the study of anatomy and physiology

  • Study of the Yoga Sutras and Implementation of the 8-Limb Path

  • Becoming an “agent of change” as a yoga teacher

  • Teaching Practicum

  • SEVA Service Teaching Project

  • Business of Teaching Yoga: Professionalism, Ethics, Community Leadership Development

Sandy teaching a yoga class


  • Comprehensive 100-page Digital Manual

  • Library of pre-recorded lectures and lessons

  • Recall Strategy: The Narrative™  Flashcards & Video Practice 

  • Library of audio and video asana and meditation practices 

  • Downloadable worksheets and templates 

  • Monthly virtual group check-in meetings with Sandy 

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Option 1: PAID IN FULL  |  $2750

Option 2: PAYMENT PLAN  |  $2900

$500 non-refundable deposit due at registration.

(6) additional monthly payments of $400.

1st Payment due August 1st.

*Contact Sandy if you have already completed a 200-hour YTT and would like to attend the in-person portion of the training only.

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