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A must-have for yoga teachers!

What you say matters especially if you desire to lead highly-effective and impactful yoga classes.

What if you had a catalog of cues at your fingertips that you could quickly use to build your class sequences upon?

Key Cueing™ Catalog has over 60+ cues within a variety of yoga pose examples that reflect how you can infuse the KEY Cueing™ Essentials into the classes you teach

right away!

What you'll find in the


 🔎 How to use details for using the catalog

 🔎 60+ cues organized by pose name

 🔎 60+ cues organized to showcase action, alignment, and energetic cueing variations

 🔎 KEY Cueing™ Template to create your own cueing library

The KEY Cueing™ Catalog is a valuable resource to have in your teaching toolbox! 

Available now for a limited time!

Only $13

($69 value)

Key Cueing catalog cover

Click the link below and download the

KEY Cueing™ CATALOG today!

Take the clunkiness out of cueing...

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