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Work with me

Do you desire to create and experience

success as a yoga teacher? 


 It all begins with a plan!

I can 100% help you create a teaching plan that sets you up for success in teaching yoga. Schedule a strategy session and I'll help you get organized and clear on your teaching path. 

Welcome to the Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program

What is the B.Y.T.T. Mentorship Program?

Recognizing that every yoga teacher's journey is unique, I have crafted the Beyond Yoga Teacher Training (B.Y.T.T.) Mentorship Program as a transformative experience tailored to your individual teaching goals and needs.

Key Features of the

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Monthly 1:1 Mentoring with Sandy

  • Immerse yourself in monthly customized sessions with Sandy, an experienced mentor dedicated to your growth.

  • Enjoy personalized attention, addressing your specific challenges and aspirations.

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Customized Growth Strategy:

  • Experience uniquely designed sessions that evaluate, discuss, and formulate a growth strategy aligned with your teaching goals.

  • Shape a path forward that resonates with your teaching style and objectives.

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Supporting Your Development:

  • Mentorship clients receive specialized attention, guidance, and exclusive resources.

  • Develop confidence and leadership skills, becoming an agent of change in your community through the practice of yoga.

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Comprehensive Take-Away:

  • Enhance your learning with session takeaway notes, resources, and practical application exercises.

  • Apply newfound insights to your teaching, creating a tangible impact on your students.

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Expert Guidance from Sandy:

  • Benefit from Sandy's extensive two-decade teaching career and work closely to define your unique teaching path.

  • Learn from practical experiences and gain insights that only a seasoned mentor can provide.

Accountability for Success

The B.Y.T.T. Mentorship Program provides the accountability for success that is necessary to help you implement your plan and achieve your goals. 


Step confidently into the expanded version of yourself as a yoga teacher, fully equipped and empowered.

Ready to take the next step?


Austeen photo

Austeen H. - MI

Mentorship Client, 12-session program

 "My work with Sandy has "leveled" me and my yoga studio way up! When I first began the Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program, I knew I needed someone that could support me in my new Yoga School but I didn't know how much I needed Sandy in all aspects of my life. My entire mindset around being a leader, growing my team, and practicing my yoga has all shifted into beautiful spaces..."

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