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Welcome to Beyond YTT

Hi, I’m Sandy. I’m an everyday yogi entrepreneur seeking to share the wonderful practice of yoga in a modern world.

Sandy Raper Yoga Instructor

Beyond Yoga Teacher Training (Beyond YTT, as I’ll reference it going forward) is an opportunity for me to share some practical tips and knowledge from almost two decades practicing and teaching yoga. My desire is to inspire and motivate those who are seeking to step onto the pathway to become a yoga teacher, as well as, encourage those already on the path teaching to keep moving forward. It is my hopes and desire to provide valuable content that will support refinement, sustainability and longevity within the service role as yoga teacher.

Beyond YTT will be a space cultivated and crafted to offer practical and educational learning information.

I’ll share stories gleaned from my life and teaching experiences and support a space for development and growth to emerge within those who are out sharing the gift of the yoga practice with others. I'm also excited for plans to expand Beyond YTT with future conversations with special guests. These individuals who have influenced my life and impacted my teaching career pathway, will share from their experiences. It is my desire to elevate and nurture a community partnership within our expanded conversations on life, wellness and the yoga practice.

Let's Get Started!

We all have connection points within our lives and we can look back and see how the “points” connect and develop into a bigger picture. It’s from the many points in our lives that we can pinpoint, connect and draw great insight from to create a beautiful masterpiece of life expressed through connection. My decision to step onto the pathway to become a yoga teacher was not a planned decision. It was not a decision that I had anticipated or spent many years planning to pursue. It was an encounter and opportunity that presented itself unexpectedly and ultimately revealed itself as a blessing in disguise. As I look back, I often tell others that if you would have told me back in 2002 that I would be devoting and pursuing my passion as a yoga teacher and educator today, I would probably chuckle and shake my head with wonder and a bit of amazement. This teaching pathway was definitely not on my radar back in those days.

The year my teaching journey began was a pivotal year with significant impact in many ways. I turned 30 years old that year, I completed my first (and only) half-marathon, I was a mom of two small boys...and my mom, Iris, died in August of that year. A few more details to share to help you understand my backstory and how my mom’s death would become a pivotal point and catalyst in my life that year.

I am an only child. My mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was two years old and life as I knew it consisted of the care and management of her life living with MS. Within my adult years, my mom’s health declined considerably. I stepped away from a retail management career and became one of my mom’s primary caregivers, along with my dad, for the last 5 years of her life. The life that I had known drastically came to a halt the year my mom passed. Her death left me in contemplation of what I could possibly now pursue in life that would impact and fulfill the space of service and value that I felt my time caring and spending time with her had. Fortunately, I did not have to rush back into the workforce and I had some time to sit with and ponder what my next steps would be. At that time, I had been in a consistent routine of visiting a local gym to workout prior to going over to spend the day caring for my mom while my dad worked. After my mom’s death, I found comfort and familiarity in keeping my same routine. I went back to the gym. As I was still somewhat of a runner at that time, I stepped onto the treadmill and began to run. At this particular gym there was a group fitness space encased by glass and you could easily see into the room. One day as I was running, I looked over into the room. The people in the space were standing on thin mats, they weren’t wearing shoes, the lights were dim and they were creating very interesting shapes with there bodies - shapes that they flowed in and out of from the instruction of the one leading the class. I was intrigued. I was curious. With curiosity guiding me, I checked the schedule and the following week I stepped into my first yoga class. From that point, I began to commit to attending weekly classes, exploring and growing within the practice. Within 7 months I found myself attending a yoga teacher training. I also began subbing and teaching at the same gym where I had started my practice.

There are many more connection points that I can look back and see a beautiful design created that has brought me to this season in my life almost two decades later. I am excited to open up, become vulnerable, and share even more of my journey with you. As I now step back, I can see more clearly the intersections of points and directions taken to create a beautiful masterpiece, on a canvas of service. My teaching pathway has fulfilled the space of purpose and value I was seeking after my mom passed away. I dedicate the journey to my mom, Iris. Thank you for joining me on the journey!


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