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The Narrative

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Sequencing Recall Course:
Video + Flashcard Bundle 

want to make sure you know about yet another awesome teaching tool that will support you in up-leveling your approach to sequencing...

The Narrative™ Flashcard & Video Bundle 

 🔎 Full Class Script in a Flashcard Format

 🔎 7-Elements™ Sequencing Model

 🔎 Highly-Effective Class Organizational Tool  

 🔎 BONUS: The Narrative™ Practice video to support increased application and recall

The Narrative™ is a proprietary recall tool that has supported, not only great success in my teaching career, but it is the exact model used within my teacher training program that provides teachers with a successful approach to cueing and sequencing



Click the link below and get access to this valuable resource today! 

Sale price: $67

Normally: $225

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