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Online 200-HOUR YOGA
with Sandy Raper


Are you ready for a deep-dive study of yoga while learning how to share the practice with others?

Are you ready to make an impact in your community by leading highly-effective yoga class experiences?

Are you willing to dedicate yourself to learning what it takes to become skilled and proficient in teaching yoga?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the time is now


Yoga Mat and Straps



5 Must-Haves

for a
Successful Yoga Teacher Training

Training Program Features


This training program is structured so that you can deepen your study of yoga and develop as a teacher at a pace that meets your schedule and learning style. The program is formatted within 7 weeks' worth of lessons that are dripped out every other week to support you in a layered-learning approach with time to implement and apply all that is being shared.

Core Principles of Study

The program focuses on these core principles of study:

(1) Anatomy of Teaching

(2) Action, Alignment, and Communication in the Role of a Yoga Teacher

(3) Structure & Spontaneity of Functional Movement  

Course Curriculum

  • Mastery of the basic techniques of Asana, Meditation,  and Pranayama

  • The Elements™ Sequencing Model

  • The 3-P Pose Principles of Language and Cueing

  • Therapeutic Action & Alignment Principles

  • Transitions, Tempo, and Trust

  • Energetic Alignment

  • Developing Effective Communication Skills

  • Direction and clarity in the role of the yoga teacher

  • Adaptation and modifications 

  • The Complementary Study of Yin Yoga 

  • Developing movement literacy through the study of anatomy and physiology

  • Study of the Yoga Sutras and Implementation of the 8-Limb Path

  • Becoming an “agent of change” as a yoga teacher

  • Teaching Practicum

  • SEVA Service Teaching Project

  • Business of teaching yoga

Included Training Resources/Materials

  • Comprehensive 100-page Digital Manual

  • Library of pre-recorded lectures and lessons

  • The Narrative™  Flashcards & Video Practice

  • Library of audio and video asana and meditation practices 

  • Downloadable worksheets and templates 

  • Monthly group mentoring session 

  • 1:1 Check-in/Coaching Calls with Sandy 

Training Tuition Investment 
Option 1: Paid in Full: $1450
Option 2: Payment Plan: $200 deposit paid when registering
with a payment plan of 7 consecutive monthly payments of $200

FAQs 1. Why choose the online format rather than an in-person yoga teacher training experience? For many, the self-paced structure and home study format makes the training feasible and accessible. This format is designed to meet you where you are offering a high-quality online training experience that is designed to equip you to teach upon completion. 2. Is this training course recognized by Yoga Alliance? Yes and you will have the option to register with Yoga Alliance under the designation of 200RYT by submitting the completion certificate. 3. How long will it take to complete the course? Since the course is self-paced this is dependent upon your learning style of schedule. The course is designed with the ability to complete all aspects within a 4-6 month timeframe. 4. What if it takes me longer than 6 months to complete the training course? Understanding that the course is self-paced you will be able to choose the schedule and duration in which you can confidently complete the course.

Yoga Class

5 Must-Haves

for a
Successful Yoga Teacher Training

Required Reading List

Required reading books to be purchased in addition to tuition investment of training:

*Recommended but not required:

*As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

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