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Are you a yoga teacher who is ready to expand and grow beyond the foundation of your teacher training? My Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program is a customized program that will support you in gaining confidence and direction as a teacher. Ready to start? Click below to schedule your 1:1 mentoring session with Sandy.


The Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program is a program uniquely designed to equip you as a yoga teacher with the tools, techniques, and mindset to design and implement a solid teaching career path. Mentorship clients will be supported, advised, and equipped to lead and teach others with confidence and clarity. From two decades of teaching experience, Sandy will work closely with you, to support you along the way in the development of your unique path as a teacher guiding you within your next steps in growing and expanding into the teacher that you desire to be.

You'll know you're ready for the B.Y.T.T. MENTORSHIP PROGRAM if...


You desire to get clear on who you are as a teacher and the direction to take in your teaching career. 


You desire to take your teaching to the next level and build upon a solid, confident teaching foundation.


You need guidance on developing and creating effective workshops, successful YTT curriculums, becoming a studio owner and creating your own podcast.


You desire to understand more fully how to skillfully organize your classes and incorporate the deeper teachings of the yoga practice beyond the yoga asana.


You are ready to understand better how to facilitate the needs of a yoga class in order to serve your community and step into an expanded version of yourself as teacher.