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Are you a yoga teacher who could benefit from additional support, valuable resources and guidance for your growth and development teaching yoga? 


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FREE 25-minute mentoring discovery call with Sandy and let's explore your unique pathway as a yoga teacher.


The Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program is built around customized 1:1 mentoring sessions with Sandy. Sessions are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of each mentee. 


Mentorship clients will be advised, and equipped with guidance and resources in their development of confidence and clarity as impactful leaders serving in their communities sharing and teaching the practice of yoga.

From two decades of thriving teaching experience, Sandy is equipped and ready to work closely with you as you define your unique teaching path and expanded development as a yoga teacher. Sandy provides the accountability that will set you up to meet the desired goals and expanded version of yourself as a yoga teacher. 

You know you're ready for the


You are a yoga teacher that is desire to get focused clear on who you are as a teacher and how to develop a thriving teaching career. 


You are willing to examine your current approach to teaching and challenge yourself to evaluate, receive and apply feedback in order to up-level your understanding and role as a yoga teacher.  


You seek clear strategies for defining your targeted niche along with the development of a plan of action that supports you with an expanded teaching approach to reach your targeted audience of students.


You are ready to explore and apply proven teaching methods and approaches that will solidify your confidence and assurance in leading effective and impactful yoga class experiences. 


You desire accountability and resources that support clarity in the direction you should take as a yoga teacher along with inspiration to refuel and ignite your passion creating longevity as a yoga teacher. 



Austeen H. - MI

Mentorship Client, 12-session program

 "My work with Sandy has "leveled" me and my yoga studio way up! When I first began the Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program, I knew I needed someone that could support me in my new Yoga School but I didn't know how much I needed Sandy in all aspects of my life. My entire mindset around being a leader, growing my team, and practicing my yoga has all shifted into beautiful spaces..."

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