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Are you a yoga teacher who is ready to expand and grow beyond the foundation of teacher training? Join me in my Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program and let's make a bigger impact together! Let's connect. Book your FREE 45-min advising call below.


The Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program is a program uniquely designed to equip yoga teachers with the tools, techniques, and mindset for designing a solid teaching career path. Participants of the program will be advised and equipped to lead and teach others with confidence and clarity each and every time they teach.

You'll know you're ready for the B.Y.T.T. MENTORSHIP PROGRAM if...


You want to get clear on who you are as a teacher and what you can distinctly offer your community.


You desire to take your teaching to the next level and develop a solid, confident teaching foundation.


You want to expand your teaching to offer workshops and/or develop a teacher training curriculum and you need the skills and tools to develop these programs to be effective and impactful.


You desire to understand more fully how to skillfully organize your classes and incorporate the deeper teachings of the yoga practice beyond the yoga asana.


You are ready to step into a fuller version of yourself as a teacher in order to make a bigger impact in your community.