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Beyond Yoga Teacher Training 

Empowering Yoga Teachers on Their Journey of Growth and Development

Coming Early 2024!

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Teaching From the Heart:
Lessons on Developing Character, Confidence, and Leadership as a Yoga Teacher 

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New Online 200-Hour Foundational
Yoga Teacher Training
Self-paced format filled with all of the support and accountability you would receive in an in-person format. 

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The Key Cueing™ Course directly addresses the needs of yoga teachers by providing them with the tools, confidence, and skills required for effective cueing.

By fostering consistent, clear, and adaptable communication, the course supports teachers with the resources that create positive and impactful yoga class experiences for their students.

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 Sandy Raper has been a yoga teacher, trainer, and mentor to yoga teachers for over two decades. From a strong desire and passion to further support teachers in their development and growth as yoga teachers, she created the Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Podcast.

Join Sandy as she shares stories, teacher tips, techniques, and valuable insight into how you can be successful and confident and make teaching yoga a feasible lifelong career. 

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Ready to step into every class you

lead confident and assured

in your teaching skillset? 

The Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program will help you:

✔️ Turn uncertainty into clarity.

✔️ Develop a growth strategy plan so you know where you're going and how you're going to get there.

✔️ Set you and your students up for success.

✔️ Support you with resources to maximize your teaching opportunities to make teaching yoga a sustainable career.

Meet Sandy

Yoga Teacher, Podcast Host, Author

With over two decades of teaching experience, Sandy Raper is a voice and advocate for yoga teachers to not only share the class experience of yoga but is passionate about educating others on how to sustain and create longevity within the life practice of yoga.


Sandy has trained, equipped, and empowered many teachers around the globe with the necessary skills and tools to teach impactful yoga classes while developing and maturing into highly effective yoga teachers serving their communities.

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The Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Youtube Channel 
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