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Light and Shadow


I often say that 'yoga' found me. Over twenty years ago, I took my first steps onto a yoga mat at a critical crossroads. You see, life as I had known it suddenly changed.


Since then, my journey has been unlike any other, as I've delved deep into the expansive landscape of my inner self through the various practices of yoga. Along the way, I've gathered various tools and insights from the practice, supporting me through uncharted territories, and hard circumstances while maintaining a comforting sense of familiarity. The yoga practice has supported my ability to make peace with the constant flux of change. 

Yoga has been a profound gift in my life—a gift meant to be given to others. This desire to give fuels my passion for teaching and sharing this incredible practice with others, meeting each individual where they are on their unique path. My intention is to empower, educate, and equip others to discover their own meaning of yoga.


I'm grateful you're here, and I invite you to join me on this life-changing journey like none other. 


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 Sandy Raper has been a yoga teacher, trainer, and mentor to yoga teachers for over two decades. From a strong desire and passion to further support teachers in their development and growth as yoga teachers, she created the Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Podcast.

Join Sandy as she shares stories, teacher tips, techniques, and valuable insight into how you can be successful and confident and make teaching yoga a feasible lifelong career. 

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Meet Sandy

Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Podcast Host, Author

With over two decades of teaching experience, Sandy Raper is a voice and advocate for yoga teachers to not only share the class experience of yoga but is passionate about educating others on how to sustain and create longevity within the life practice of yoga.


Sandy has trained, equipped, and empowered many teachers around the globe with the necessary skills and tools to teach impactful yoga classes while developing and maturing into highly effective yoga teachers serving their communities.

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